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May 22nd, 2013: Budgetting and bookkeeping

May 9, 2013

The author  of The Asperger’s Guide for Time and Information, Matt Gallagher came tonight! We devoted the middle hour of this meeting to a workshop on bookkeeping and budgetting inspired by  writings of Matt Gallagher and lead by Teresa.Teresa shared her 3 simple rules of budgetting and bookkeeping:

1. KISS Keep it simple stupid (the stupid was not mentioned by Teresa). A simple MS excel worksheet:  income – usual expenses = savings + discretionary spending

2. Keep it inaccessible. One account for direct bill pay for usual expenses. One account for discretionary spending.

3. Keep it going on auto pilot:  You can have a budget meeting with your partner or update the speadsheet when in the mood. But even when you are not in the mood, it runs itself.

I shared a free online service that can set a budget and track bank accounts, mortgage, investments, credits accounts, house values on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Matt and Teresa both stated that these tasks were not innate and had to be learned over years. Matt outlined it carefully in his book. He also fostered a discussion of switching tasks from favorite special interests (such as guitar playing in his book) to the mundane necessary tasks of living such as bookkeeping, cooking, housekeeping.  We asked him why he chose the 15 minute time period to switch into the necessary  tasks. It has certainly worked for him. You will have to read his book to learn more which should be published soon.


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