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June 26th: How do we get trampled on and what can we do about it?

June 14, 2013

At this meeting we discussed how we often got taken advantage of. It may be due to our honesty, self deprecation  our watching out for our colleagues, family or friends and not having them watch out for us. We are not playing the survival game in the social and professional networks.  Self advocacy is a start. Also getting help from neurotypicals that will advocate for us also helps like our friends, partners, spouses, bosses, lawyers and clergy. One example came up of a family affair where an elderly brother was losing contact from his very elderly mother due to a controlling sister to the point that the brother could not visit his mother or know her whereabouts. It became clear during the discussion that the sisters method of operation came from control but moved to greed. For the brother’s wife to deal with the situation being on the autism spectrum, she simply wanted to be fair. It was obvious she needed someone else that could be a bulldog in her stead, a lawyer.


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