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August 14th: What would a brave new world look like if run by Aspies?

July 25, 2013

We had a birthday party with a gluten free carrot cake for Jim and Victor.

Then in the middle hour we discussed what the world would be like if people on the autism spectrum were in charge. My view is that the world was once ruled by war lords, then religion, then ideals of class or race, then the banks and now by technology. In essence Aspies are taking over the world. They are the richest, they are teaching the children to text instead of talk and governments are overthrown by cellphones, and hackers.

The birthday boy Jim talked about the book he was writing “Treeville” as an ideal world born of an autistic mind where ecology would solve many of the worlds problems.

Others commented that autistic leaders seek truth not power.Thomas Jefferson, Ghandi, Martin Luther King came up as the few examples of those leaders that put truth above power.  It turns that the most inventive knew better than to be in power: Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein were writers and scientists not politicians.

A neurotypical with political experience later shared with me that a politician must listen, be flexible, float above the the variety of opinions and be able to think and act less concretely than those on the autism spectrum.

The ASD’s in the group reiterated that honesty was more important than loyalty.  ASD’s have a hard time with the concept of “quid pro quo”, you do something for me and I will do something for you. We are not natural political beings.


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