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September 25th: What is your alter ego, avatar, superhero, mutant or animal self?

September 12, 2013

For the first 75 minutes we each expressed our own alter ego  which was our avitar, cell phone ringtone, music idol, animal self, super hero, super mutant or antihero. It was an exercise in self awareness. Here is what we came up with. Can you imagine who these Aspies are in real life?

  1. Packrat / Albert Schweitzer / Richly Rich
  2. The mini calm Hulk, bear
  3. The Blade by Leslie Snipes, Norse Mythology Thor
  4. perspecticacious: all knowing: wanderer
  5. Shawn Spencer from Psych, synesthesia moods from art and music.
  6. Nicolas Tesla
  7. Dr Who / kangaroo size Packrat
  8. Alphas, Wizard of Oz
  9. Fantasy games medic/ squirrel
  10. floating crow/alien
  11. Sherlock Holmes / Raccoon

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