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October 9th: Becoming aware of our weaknesses

September 27, 2013

As we were contemplating this subject it became clear that one of our strengths is also one of our weaknesses. If we have a lot of activity in our brain, or if we are processing a lot of extraneous input, then it may be difficult for us to pick up subtle social cues or chit chat.  Our brains may be full, but the NT brains may be relatively empty brains and therefore more receptive to social information we may think is irrelevant.

We then each discussed our weaknesses. They included fear of crowds, fear of speaking on the telephone, hyperactivity, curiosity, bad email etiquette, inability to express emotions over thought processes without the help of medications or music, changing from cunning to short in thought and speech, and lastly social isolation which will be one of our topics in two weeks.


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