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Nov 13: How to Stay on the Job

October 24, 2013

In the middle hour we discussed how to stay employed as an Aspie! Many of us have been fired unexpectedly or for no cause beknownst to us. We are usually the last to know what is really going on in the professional, business, work or office life. Sometimes it just takes little excuses for the bosses to rack up to get rid of us. The root cause of the difficulty of keeping a job may be lack of advocacy and acceptance of our strengths and weaknesses by our boss, co-workers and by ourselves.

The community has certainly accepted the gay community, people of color,  short people, and people of limited physical and mental abilities. They need to understand that a smart Aspie is not a smart ass on purpose. There is no haughtiness or malice intended.

The Aspie values honesty over loyalty. The aspie needs to be more concerned about the consequences of telling the truth: (from the Rotary International)

  1. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  3. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

The Aspie needs to check in with his boss frequently because their paths may diverge quickly. You can expect the Aspie will complete his task much faster than the boss expects it.

Applying emotional intelligence may be difficult for the Aspie but it is important for communication which entails discovering your own bodily responses, body language, other peoples body language and active listening. It may seem like silly chit chat but it is a emotional bonding that is happening. Remember work is like family! You do not have to like them. You just have to get along and treat them with respect. And you should expect the same from them.


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