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Dec 11: Stress: Handling the holidays-A gift that keeps on giving

December 10, 2013

Each of us shared our stress around the holidays as one on the autism spectrum and how we deal with it.

  1. Holiday music seems important for a few of us as a means of emotional expression and enjoyment whether it is performing or attending a concert.
  2. Finding gifts for everyone seems to be a real stressor. One solution is to take the person shopping then wrapping the present for later. A more sensible method seemed to be avoiding gifts and spending money on a concert or show for the whole family to attend which will be much more memorable a gift. “Buy Nothing Day” is advertised by
  3. Cards are a universal stressor. I have given up the real mail. This year I simply sent out Thanksgiving cards by email to all our caretakers, neighbors, colleagues, friends and relatives.
  4. Another stressor is who do you spend the holiday with? Will you be alone. Thats a bummer. Will there be too many people. Thats too much input for an ASD. Will I be with my hyper mother who is over the top on holidays. No thanks.
  5. Also, What am I going to do around these people? One solution is to have a job to do so you are busy and people can come to you and you do not have to initiate conversation.
  6. Another stress is simply the varied traditions. Some of us do not celebrate Christmas but our co-workers do. It is unnerving when we are wished Merry Christmas rather than happy holidays.

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