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February 26th: How to be compatible with difficult personality types

February 13, 2014

In the middle hour we  discussed techniques on how to deal with difficult personality types at work and personal relationships. One should ask for a time to discuss conflict resolution within 24 hours. If the other party would not agree then a supervisor, counselor or family member or other third party must be brought in as a mediator and the three of you meet together. This is closing the triangle. The discussion should follow the format of active listening with both sides being heard and understood one at a time. If no immediate resolution can be made, then a time out period can be initiated to bring in a third party if one has not been present already and the process can be repeated.  Not all conflicts can be resolved, but showing respect through the process is important. If one loses perspective and anger rules, time out should be reestablished until composure is gained.


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