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March 12th: Love without sex

February 27, 2014

In the middle hour we discussed love without sex. . We explored how we can love and touch close multiple friends of both genders without lust or sexual activity. This was inspired by my dating of multiple amazing women of my own age and only wanting one sexual partner, attending a funeral of a 55 year choir mate who invited many close friends of both genders into his home while in PJ’s and slippers and the movie HER where it was revealed that the computer had 682 lovers. It was clear from our discussion that many in the group were interested in this subject. One was married and did not like people, but did like persons so could just take one at a time. Another was very anxious about any social interaction so had not dated. That was seconded by another participant who did not have anxiety but other difficulties other than partial blindness that prevented him from being in the in-crowd. I suggested it was his own poor self-image since he is obviously very interesting, bright and well-read. I have disclosed to my dates by the first or second date that I am on the spectrum but treated and may not qualify on DSM 5. They can judge for themselves after they get to know me for awhile. Some do not believe it. There are two couples in the group that are on the spectrum as couples. It would be great if there was a dating site for ASD singles. Perhaps Square Pegs Social Group in Seattle functions as such through


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