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May 28th: When does self talk help and when does it get in the way?

May 15, 2014

In the middle hour we discussed self talk. The definition of autistic is based on self. We are in our own world. Our brain works overtime. Self talk may help if we prepare our selves for a positive interaction with other people. Self talk may hinder us if our own imagination or fears overshadow the truth or outside input when we come into a social or work environment. The discussion we all participated in talked about negative and positive self talk and then how to integrate them together. My behavior modification psychologist had me journal, log, or diary my difficult situations by writing down

1)write the event

2)write my feelings

3)write my bad self talk: all the horrible things I was telling myself “You Stupid Idiot!”

4)Then I took a moment to ground myself. I thought about the parent inside of me or about a safe place or a pleasant spot. I thought, I am a learner. I can learn from this situation and get better.

5)write my good self talk: “Well in truth I really did the best I could under the circumstances”.

6)write the outcome



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