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June 25th: Focus, concentration, receptive language

June 12, 2014

In the middle hour we shared our individual strategies on how to focus. Some of us on the autism spectrum concentrate by focusing on one task undistracted by lights, voices and movement. Similarly conversation may be better understood by having only one conversation undistracted by multiple conversations or a crowd of speech.

Now the opposite also happens where multiple tasks at the same time or alternating tasks offer variety, improve focus and decrease boredom. Similarly playing loud music and flashing lights as in electronic dance music drowns out the other thoughts in your own head and offers a meditation like state of enjoyment.

Another participant wrote in addition to speaking:

“What would lead to high focus? Hyperfocus, even?

Intense drive, goals, vision, and applying that vision actively toward reaching those goals. A sort of unity of mind and spirit, so-to-speak. Good health, proper sleep, proper exercise. Everything in-sync. It’s a magic formula that is rarely reached. Sometimes that hyperfocus state can be reached through focusing techniques or even drug-aided experiences, but generally can’t be maintained long that way…

Doubts, fears, and unanswered questions can slow focus, as the brain wanders around all these states, inspecting each state like a Prolog-like backward-tracking search-engine trying to find a solution while lacking the data to actually come up with one. Then the brain goes in circles with the same questions, asking them over and over, with no answer. Then perhaps the person learns about Google and starts searching for answers to these questions, which can help, but sometimes brings up even more questions. What is needed is a way to clear the mind, and start fresh. A “reboot”, like an intense salvia hit, which most people think is just a stupid, possibly “fun” “trip”. It’s hard to explain, but it isn’t that. It’s more of an instant, deep meditation, used in some contexts.”



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