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July 23: Acting

July 11, 2014

Acting. I know someone who declares himself on the autism spectrum who is a regular actor in a community theater. He learned to act to pass as normal in a neurotypical world. My girlfriend took acting lessons as a teenager to become more brave socially. Then when a modeling opportunity became available, she bravely played the part and got it. She is brave now. When you act the part, you become the person. We were just joined this week by a new Aspie who loves to do voice impressions. These are all ways for Aspies and neurotypicals to learn social skills, voice inflections and be brave and successful in stressful situations.

Other ideas came up in discussion about acting. One suggested it is best to act like yourself. You will be most relaxed and most consistent that way. When you are relaxed you can act other characters for fun. Most agreed that autism spectrum individuals are more successful acting in plays than acting normal.

However we are not all alike. One prefers method acting which requires getting into and living the character. Remember “Lincoln” with Daniel Day Lewis who acted like he was Lincoln in daily life for a year while making the movie. This certainly could change your behavior.


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