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December 10th: Humor in ASD life

November 14, 2014

Jerry Seinfeld has recently revealed that he is on the autism spectrum. Dan Ackroyd has suggest he himself is also. Comedians and our earlier improv may share a common theme for autism spectrum adults performing and entertained by comedy. It is letting go, being yourself, laughing at yourself. We each talked about humor:

I mentioned that only a few people got my humor, and others were offended by it as it is often weird  and the intension can be easily be misunderstood.

One mentioned that Larry David who is a comic seemed like he was an ASD. He is a writer for Seinfeld and wrote and starred in a TV show named “Curb your Enthusiasm”. Although it was advertised as a comedy, the first episode was painful to watch. His continuous faux pas got him in trouble with every human encounter rather than establishing rapport and developing relationships.

Others in the group spoke of gallows humor or tragic comedy in describing their dark past life. It was pointed out that humor or satire can be used for the purpose of feeling comfortable with a difficult situation. All in all it was a fairly serious conversation with very little laughter. Laughter comes hard for a number of members of this group.

At the end a few jokes were tossed about with some light smirks and quiet laughter to make us all feel at ease before going home.


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