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May 27th: How to be More Supportive

May 11, 2015

In the middle hour we discussed how to be more supportive of each other and how others may be more supportive of those on the autism spectrum.

One member stated he needed rides but could offer phone calls to people in need.

Another stated she needed advice on how to tell if someone was snowing her. One suggestion was to move to the east coast, Boston or New York, where most people are not afraid of offending you and tell you straight out how they feel. Another suggestion was active listening where you ask “Tell me more!” at least 5 times to get to the feelings and emotional basis or the conversation. In the business world however, many on the spectrum may benefit by a coach or an advocate third party representing them with their boss who can help them interpret the meaning behind their bosses words and actions and convey their own wishes more clearly.

Another spoke of lack of advancement in his job. A recommendation of further training was hinted by his boss and seconded by the group.

A few spoke of anxiety and the need of quiet, earplugs or time out.

Another spoke of longing for transgender identity and another spoke of sexual orientation. The group was open and listened to their concerns which was support in itself.


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