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May 13th: Square Pegs discussion

May 28, 2015

During this session we were going to discuss support but the more immediate and pressing issue was how to keep up the website that Linda Justham is stepping down from administering the position as of May 31st and which she grew from a membership of zero to 800. Monica Cordell is taking over and she is engaging, organized, sufficient and she has two 21 year old autistic boys that are seeking social outlets through this meetup.

The square pegs site is meant for adults on the autism spectrum to meet together for what ever purpose. We had an additional meeting May 26th where we considered forming a non profit entity that could accept donations and form a board. Monica is paying for the site which costs $180 a year. Monica is hoping to encourage fun. There are a number of existing groups that are announced on the site:

1) The second Saturday evening Square Pegs potluck in Seattle that used to by at Marks and more recently has been at Pastor Gumm or Fred Hoffer’s home. We are hoping more people will host this event or we may have park picnics during the summer.

2) The 2nd and 4th Wednesday evening Victor Hellberg discussion group otherwise known by this blog as the Seattle Autism Spectrum Support Group.

3) The first Sunday morning Coffee in Bothell meeting

4) The first and third Saturday lunchtime Olympia Meetup Hosted by Carl

5) The third or fourth Friday Night Ladies Social at the Panama Hotel and Coffee House.

6) Once a month Sunday afternoon Autistic Action Committee on the east side.

7) first and third Tuesday evening Philosophy meeting is just getting started.


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