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July 8th: Social circle widening techniques

August 23, 2015

We shared our resources on how to widen our social circles from what we have read, observed and from the internet.

  • Autism spectrum people are like cat people rather than dog people. We are not necessarily approachable or approach  in a friendly way.
  • We do better one on one instead of in groups.
  • The use of a talking doll in a group helps keep the discussion singular and focused on one person at a time with one conversation which is much less confusing for those on the spectrum. The talking doll focuses the conversation on the person holding the doll.
  • The use of the 4 sentence rule is helpful helpful to prevent the long windedness of our autistic colleagues from boring us. The rule is one can only talk four sentences. then you must wait for a response before continuing.
  • It is helpful to put yourself in multiple social situations. Practice makes perfect. The more time the better. Time alone on a computer does not help.
  • When at a loss for conversation, ask about the other person you are speaking to. “How was your day?” “Did you do anything interesting this week?” “How are you doing?”

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