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Resources for employment of autistic spectrum adults

Hiring and early monitoring:
Trillium Employment Services
Partners for Work: Debbie Moore
Carl Peterson (an autistic getting jobs for other autistics)
Mediation, retraining and employee support: (services Microsoft)
Further Reading:
National training opportunities founded by parents of autistic children for autistic adults:
Specialisterne: Copenhagen, Denmark to Wilmington Delaware: : Interview, select, train and then monitor autism spectrum adults in various technical positions
nonPareil Institute: Plano, TX: :  Technical training, employment and housing of autism spectrum adults to make a self sustained company from the products they manufacture
Aspiritech: Chicago, IL : Provide software testing services by highly functioning autism spectrum adults with attention to detail, precision, an affinity to repetitive tasks and outstanding technology skills
One Comment
  1. Brandi Monts,
    I took your name off. I may have gotten your name when I attended an autism conference in Tacoma a few years ago. I apologize for not consulting you. It may be an aspie trait.
    Fred Hoffer

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